How to Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPhone/iPad

Many iOS users usually keep their frequently visited and favorite websites in Safari bookmarks, so they can quickly return to these pages at any time without typing the address. However, many of them may unexpectedly lose their Safari bookmarks on iPhone or iPad, for example: “I’ve upgrade my iPhone 6 to the latest iOS version and now all my Safari bookmarks are gone. Can I get them back?”

Accident like this always happens. If you’ve suddenly lost your bookmarks while surfing the Internet on Safari, fret not, here we will share you several ways to recover deleted safari bookmarks on iPad or iPhone.

Part 1. Try Restarting the Safari App

The simplest fix is to restart the Safari app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Double-tap the Home button, your recent app tray should pop up from the bottom.
  2. Locate the Safari icon, tap and hold the icon until it wiggles. Tap the red spot and press the Home button again.
  3. Now restart the Safari app and check your bookmarks folder, you get find your lost bookmarks back.

Part 2. Get Back Lost Safari Bookmarks from

If you restart the Safari app and your bookmarks don’t come back, then you can turn to Apple’s iCloud. You are allowed to access and recover a bookmark that you deleted within 30 days from After that time, the bookmarks will be permanently deleted. Here’s how to restore Safari bookmarks on iPhone from

Part 3. Retrieve Deleted Safari Bookmarks from iTunes Backup

It doesn’t always work to restore lost safari bookmarks from In this case, it is possible for you to recover your lost Safari bookmarks from an old iTunes backup. But you have to restore the whole backup to the iPhone. Then the existing data on your device will be overwritten by the data inside your backup. Moreover, you are not capable of previewing the iTunes backup contents so you have no way of knowing if the backup contains the missing bookmarks.

Free iTunes Backup Extractor Free iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac

Here we recommend you to use an iPhone Backup Extractor. With it, your deleted Safari bookmarks, along with other important data such as contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, photos, videos, etc. can be extracted and recovered from an iTunes backup selectively. And it enables you to preview your iTunes backup contents beforehand. Download the iTunes Backup Extractor right now and install it on your computer, then follow the steps below:

  1. Run the program, it will show all iTunes backup files stored on this computer. Select the one you need.
  2. Choose “Safari Bookmarks” and click “Start Scan”, the program will scan the iTunes backup file for lost bookmarks.
  3. Preview bookmarks in details and select items you need, then click “Recover” to recover deleted iPhone Safari bookmarks.
    Retrieve Deleted Safari Bookmarks from iTunes Backup.

And that is all! You now have your deleted bookmarks back!

Note: Please don’t sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes after you lost your Safari bookmarks, or the iTunes will update the backup to be the same as the current data on your iDevice, and you won’t restore Safari bookmarks from iPhone backup any more.

Part 4. Restore Safari Bookmarks on iPhone from iCloud Backup

If you have made an iCloud backup before, you can recover deleted iPhone Safari Bookmarks from the backup by restoring it to your iPhone. To check whether you have an iCloud backup, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup, then you can see the time of your last successful backup. Once you confirm that, you can start with restoring Safari bookmarks on the iPhone.

Note: If you have kept iCloud Safari activated on your iCloud, you safari bookmarks and history will be automatically stored in iCloud. That means they won’t be included in your iCloud backup.

Part 5. Recover Deleted iPhone Safari Bookmarks without Backup

In case of that you have not backed up your iPhone or iPad before the bookmark deletion or the backup you’ve made is corrupt, you can use some third-party iPhone Data Recovery software to retrieve deleted safari bookmarks on iPad or iPhone without backup. It can scan and recover your deleted or lost safari bookmarks, contacts, photos, videos, notes, WhatsApp and other data from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch directly. It also supports to restore data from your iPhone backup. Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Download, install, and launch iPhone Data Recovery on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, then click “Start Scan”.
  3. Wen it finishes scanning, you can click “Safari Bookmark” to preview the scan result.
  4. Once you find your deleted safari bookmarks, click “Recover” to save them onto your computer.
    Recover Deleted iPhone Safari Bookmarks without Backup.

Please note that the data that have been overwritten are unrecoverable. So turn on the Airplane mode and stop using the device after your data got deleted or lost.