4 Ways to Export Contacts from iPhone to Excel/CSV Files

Export Contacts from iPhone to Excel

Do you have to deal with a crowd of clients or customers every day? If so, the odds are that you have massive contacts stored on your iPhone. To organize and manage the contact information well, it is a decent choice to export your iPhone contacts as CSV or Excel files, which is not only a backup of your iPhone contacts to avoid any unexpected data loss, but also necessary for transferring phone numbers from one device to another. In this post, we will share 3 ways of exporting contacts from your iPhone to Excel or CSV files and an extra tip about how to do it reversely.

Method 1: Export iPhone Contacts to Excel/CSV with iCloud

Basically, you can sync your iPhone contacts to iCloud, then go to icloud.com and download them to the computer. However, the downloaded contacts are vCard files. If you want to export iCloud contacts to CSV or Excel, you have to make use of a vCard to CSV converter tool. We will divide this method into two parts.

1. Export iCloud contacts to the computer

2. Covert iCloud contacts from vCard to CSV

Now, you can open the converted CSV file in Microsoft Excel and deal with it handily.

Method 2: Export iPhone Contacts to Excel/CSV from iTunes Backup

If you previously backed up your iPhone using iTunes, Free iPhone Backup Extractor provides a great way to export contacts from iPhone backup. The freeware allows you to access and extract your contacts or other data directly from iTunes backup without even needing to connect to your device. You can export your iPhone contacts to CSV, HTML, or vCard files and save them on the computer.

Besides contacts, Free iPhone Backup Extractor also helps you access and export photos, videos, messages, call logs, notes, WhatsApp, etc. in readable formats on your computer.

Free iTunes Backup Extractor Free iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac

Method 3: Export iPhone Contacts to CVS Using iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Yes, you read that right. Some iPhone data recovery tools like Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery can also export contacts from iPhone to Excel or CSV file for you. With this tool, you don’t need to upload the contacts to iCloud or backup them to iTunes. It can even export your deleted contacts. Let’s see how it works.

Extra Tip: How to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone

If you have read this far, you have already export contacts from iPhone to Excel or CSV file. What if you have lots of contacts saved in an excel spreadsheet and want to import them to your iPhone? You will find the solution here. The whole process can be separated into three steps. Before we start, please make sure you have activated iCloud Contacts on the iPhone.

1. Save Contacts from Excel as CSV

In your Excel table, click “File” > “Save As”.

2. Import Contacts to Google Contacts

3. Sync Contacts to iPhone via iCloud

Final Words

Now you have read our 3 instructions on how to export contacts from excel to the iPhone. It is easy to download your iPhone contacts as vCard files from iCloud and then transform them into Excel or CSV files. You can also choose to extract contacts from iPhone or backup as CSV files employing third-party software. On top of that, we also show you how to import Excel or CSV files to the iPhone. If you have any queries or suggestions for this article, please leave them in the comment section below.