Two Ways to Transfer Music/Playlists from iTunes to HTC One A9/M10

You have been an iPhone user for years and own a huge collection of music in iTunes. But now you make a switch to a new Android phone, for example, HTC One A9 or M10. As we all know, iTunes only works for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, not for Android devices. Then how to sync iTunes music to HTC One so that you can enjoy them on the go? Don’t worry. This page will introduce two simple ways to transfer music/playlists from iTunes to HTC One A9, M10, M9, M8, M7, etc. Read on to learn how.

Way 1: Using HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager, free desktop software created by HTC Corporation, allows you to view and manage media on your computer and HTC phone. You are able to import iTunes and Windows Media Player playlists from your computer to HTC Sync Manager, and then sync to your new HTC One A9 or M10.

1. Download, install and run HTC Sync Manager on your PC or Mac. Connect your HTC One A9/M10 with a USB cable and wait for the Sync Manager to recognize it.
2. Hit the “Music” tab, then you can see all the playlists imported under “This Computer”. Your iTunes Music is saved in “iTunes Artwork Screen Saver”.
3. If iTunes music is not shown, you can check “Display” in the left sidebar and click the option “Automatically import from iTunes to HTC Sync Manager”.
4. Click “Sync” in the left sidebar, then check “Sync selected playlist”. Locate “iTunes Artwork Screen Saver” and hit the “Sync” button at the left lower corner.

Transfer Music/Playlists from iTunes to HTC One A9/M10

Once the transfer process complete, you can open your new HTC One A9 or M10 and check out the Music app. Based on user feedback, HTC Sync Manager doesn’t import all music from iTunes as it says.

Way 2: Using iTunes to HTC Transfer Tool

Another simple way to transfer music and playlists from iTunes to HTC One A9/M10 is using phone transfer software. Here iTunes to Android Transfer is strongly recommended. It can read all iTunes files on your computer and extract music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, etc. Just one click, you can sync iTunes music to HTC One.

iTunes Music to Android Transfer iTunes Music to Android Transfer(Mac)

1. Run the iTunes to HTC Music Transfer tool on your PC or Mac, and switch to iTunes to phone transfer mode.
2. Plug in your HTC One A9 or M10 with a USB cable. The program will automatically detect the device and display it as “Destination”.
3. Mark “Music” from the listed file types and click on “Start Copy”, your iTunes music will be immediately transferred to HTC phone.

Transfer Music/Playlists from iTunes to HTC One A9/M10

Question: I have transferred iTunes music to my HTC One A9 but my phone can’t play it. Why and how to fix it?
Why HTC One can’t play some iTunes music? DRM was responsible. Some songs that were purchased from iTunes Store before 2009 are┬álocked by Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection and can’t play on non-Apple devices, such as HTC One A9 and other Android devices. In such case, what you need is DRM Removal software to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes music files for HTC One.