3 Ways to Print out Text Messages from iPhone 6S/7/8/XR/11

“I need to print a bunch of text messages off my iPhone 6. Is there any software that will let me do that? Any help would be appreciated.”

Print out Text Messages from iPhone.

Sometimes the text messages on your iPhone are highly valued. For example, they can be used as evidence in court. In this case, you are required to print your iPhone text messages to PDF. Besides, printing out text messages from iPhone on paper is also a great way to back up the lovely conversation on your device.

However, Apple’s AirPrint on your iPhone won’t help you complete the printing task. Don’t worry. Here we will show you several workarounds that help print text messages from iPhone for court or backup purpose in different ways.

Method 1. Print iPhone Text Messages from Screenshot

Though the Airprint doesn’t support to directly print text messages from iPhone, it enables printing iPhone photos. So you can convert the text into photos by taking a screenshot and print out the screenshot. This works great if you have only a few messages to print and want to print out your iPhone text messages for free. But this method may not be suitable for long message threads or bulk actions.

Method 2. Email iPhone Text Messages to Yourself for Printing

This will be the best way to print text messages from your iPhone if you don’t need to print out the date, time and contact information together. But like the method above, this one requires a lot of patience when you have to print a string of text messages from the iPhone.

For those who want to print out several threads or all your messages for backup or for court as evidence, no doubt the two methods mentioned above will be clumsy. So to save your time and increase efficiency, we will introduce another way for you to print text messages from iPhone all at once easily.

Method 3. Print a String of Text Messages from iPhone via Third-Party App

If you want to not only print a complete text message conversion from your iPhone, but also keep the date/time information, you can make use of third-party applications to accomplish this.

Given that you have a recent iTunes backup for your iPhone data on the computer, you can use such a program as iTunes Backup Extractor to extract text messages from the backup for printing even if you accidentally deleted the messages from your iOS device. Apart from messages, this tool also allows you to print contactsphotos, call logs, notes, etc. from iTunes backup of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Free iTunes Backup Extractor Free iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac

To get started, you must have an iTunes backup with the latest iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have any backup, connect your iPhone to the computer and create a backup with iTunes. If you have recently synced iPhone to iTunes, you don’t need to connect the device; just jump into the following steps directly.

Simple Steps: Export iPhone SMS Messages to PC for Printing

Once you install this iPhone backup extractor tool on computer, you can freely view the data in your iTunes backup and print iPhone text messages easily by following the 4 steps below.

That’s all about how to print text messages from iPhone with the help of the third-party tool. Besides printing messages, this method also can be used to recover the backed-up messages deleted from your iPhone. As you can see in the interface, this iPhone backup extractor tool can also help you get data like contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp/Viber chats from iTunes backup.

No iTunes Backup?

You may find it cumbersome to back up your iPhone to iTunes before printing out messages. Well, the upgraded version of iTunes backup Extractor which can directly backup and extract data from iPhone will be unveiled soon. Before that, you can try the Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to transfer and print the text messages from your iPhone for court or backup.