How to Delete iPhone/iTunes Backup on Your Mac or PC

Delete iPhone/iTunes Backup on Your Mac

It is highly required for iOS users to make regular backups for their iOS devices, including the iPhone, which helps in restoring the lost data. iTunes is an alternative way to iCloud for backing up iPhone data, and it stores those backup files on the computer. Thus, many iPhone users prefer to back up data through iTunes. However, with the increase in the size and number of backup files, you will find that a lot of space on your computer, especially the disk C, has been eaten up gradually by these iPhone backup files. For relieving the burden of your computer, it is also necessary to clean up old backup files regularly to free up more storage on the computer. In this article, we will tell you how to delete iPhone backups on the Mac or PC.

Part 1. Preview and Extract Data You Need before Deleting Backup

It is advisable to preview the iTunes backup contents before you start to delete iPhone backups as there can be several backups of different iOS devices on your computer. Besides, old backup files may contain some data that you want to preserve like precious photos, videos, and voice memos. Therefore, you’d better extract out these data before deleting the old iTunes backups.

As we know, an iTunes backup is an encrypted file fragment and not human-readable. But you can turn to a third-party iPhone Backup Extractor to help you manage it. This tool allows you to view up to 12 types of data in the iTunes backup, including photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. for free. You can download the free trial to give it a try. But you need to pay for extracting the data you need. Here are detailed steps to use this tool.
Free iTunes Backup Extractor Free iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac

Now you have previewed the iPhone backups on your Mac or PC and extracted the data you want to preserve. Let’s get started with how to delete iPhone backup from the computer.

Part 2. Common Way to Delete iPhone Backup on Mac and PC

You can easily delete iPhone backups on your Mac or PC through iTunes, which is a commonly used way. The detailed steps for this way are as below.

Part 3. An Alternative Way to Delete iPhone Backup on Mac

There is an alternative way to delete iTunes backup on the Mac. In this way, you can check if your iPhone or iPad backups take up lots of space on your Mac. Now let’s see how to do it.

Part 4. Delete iPhone Backup on PC from Disk Drive Directly

If you use a Windows PC, you can delete those old iPhone backups stored on your PC from disk drive directly.

Bonus: How to Turn off iTunes Auto Backup Feature

By default, iTunes will create a backup of your iPhone automatically when you sync your iPhone on the Mac or PC. You can turn off the automatic backup feature in iTunes to potentially save storage space on the computer.

Afterward, your iPhone won’t automatically back up your data to iTunes each time you connect your iPhone to the computer.


Compared to iCloud, we are allowed to create much more backups on our Mac or PC. But no matter how much memory the computer has, you need to regularly delete iPhone backup on Mac or PC to keep files well organized. We recommend you to preview and extract the data you need in various iTunes backups via an iPhone backup extractor beforehand. After deleting iPhone backups in iTunes, you may turn off the iTunes auto-backup feature to save storage space on your Mac or PC. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, please leave them in the comment section below.