(Solved) I Cannot Install iTunes on Windows 10

“Just recently updated to windows 10 and itunes worked fine. I just did a fresh install and now its giving me an error that says an error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘microsoft.vc80.crt …… anybody experience this and knows a fix?”

iTunes Won't install on Windows 10

Windows 10 has been available since the end of July. However, when you upgrade to Windows 10, you will find so many unsolved issues which are creating bugs for users. The deeper you explore, the more problems will appear in this system. And the latest issue seems to be with those iOS users trying to install iTunes on Windows 10. A great many users complain the installation issues that iTunes are suffering from the same thing on Windows 10.

Why people still like to install iTunes on the PC? One of the most possible reasons is that iTunes is a common and easy way to back up data from iOS devices. If you need to view and extract iTunes backup files on Windows, don’t hesitate to try this free iPhone backup viewer.

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Method 1. Fix iTunes Won’t Install from Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Apps from Microsoft Store, also known as UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, are much favored by Windows users several years ago. Those apps are of light size, high speed and best compatibility, and most importantly, the apps are linked to users’ Microsoft account. However, in recent years, a lot of UWP apps are no longer updated and users can only download the latest updates on the official or third-party websites. As a matter of fact, having a UWP app from Microsoft Store won’t affect you installing the same app downloaded from an outside website. Therefore, if you cannot install iTunes from Microsoft Store, why don’t download the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s website?

Once the .exe file is downloaded fully, just open it and finish the setup procedure as guided.

Note: You can surely download iTunes installation package from third-party websites where you may find all versions of iTunes in the history. Just make sure to download the right version for your computer. For example, if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows configuration, you’ll need to download iTunes for Windows as 64-bit iTunes file might not work correctly on a 32-bit configuration.

Method 2. Fix iTunes Won’t Install with Errors in Windows 10

  1. An error occurred during the installation of assembly Microsoft… HRESULT: 0x80073715
  2. Apple application support was not found (Windows error 2)
  3. Apple Mobile Device Service failed to start – after successful installation

If you are trying to install the latest version of iTunes and receive the installation errors above, you might reinstall and run the whole process in Administrator mode and only to find that it still doesn’t work, as you could be installing wrong files not suitable to Windows 10. Instead of getting it from Apple, why not get the installer directly from Apple’s servers for your version of Windows 10.

Method 3. The Best Alternative When iTunes Won’t Install Updates in Windows 10

If you have iTunes installed on your computer but it won’t upgrade to the latest version, which stops you from enjoying a certain feature, you may consider an alternative to Apple iTunes.

iManager is possibly the best iPhone manager software you can find which can be used to organize your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This professional iPhone Manager can give you a great data transfer and management experience. The best part of this program is the smooth performance and strong capability. With it, you won’t have to use iTunes to backup, transfer and manage files on your iOS devices. Also, iManager is a program with well-designed, beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Bottom Line

In this tutorial, we have introduced 3 methods for fixing iTunes cannot install in Windows 10. Even Apple fans have to admit that iTunes has been marginalized in the iOS ecosystem. However, we still have one or more reasons to install iTunes on Windows PC. We hope the solutions above will help you.